What should I do if I purchased an item through Ziggedy at a partnered retailer, had activated the Ziggedy donation, but was sent an email from Ziggedy that said I did not donate this month?

Generally, if a merchant gives us credit for a purchase, we are then able to show credit for that purchase in your Piggedy Bank.  If you did not receive credit for that purchase, please provide us with your invoice so we can provide you the credit. In general, these are a couple of the most common reasons why a merchant may not give us credit for your purchases: If the items were already in your shopping cart prior to clicking from Ziggedy to the Merchant, Ziggedy would not get credit (i.e., please ensure your shopping cart is empty prior to making the click from Ziggedy to any merchant). If you use a coupon code you found from another website, Ziggedy would not get credit (please note that Ziggedy also shows coupons from many merchants).

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