What are some reasons that I may not get donations from a purchase?

While most of the time, a purchase from a partnered merchant, will result in money raised for your Cause, there are some scenarios that could result in no commission.

Here are some common reasons to be aware of:

  1. You do not buy from a participating merchant (items labeled "No Donation Available")
  2. You do not log in to Ziggedy.com before clicking through to make a purchase.
  3. You go directly to the participating merchant without first clicking through a product or store on Ziggedy.
  4. You use a coupon code you found from another website or source (please note that you can often find the same deals on Ziggedy)
  5. You ordered online but picked up the item(s) in-Store. (Some merchants will allow credit for in-Store pickup but the merchants are not always clear with Ziggedy when this is available)
  6. You click from Ziggedy to a participating merchant but already had items in your shopping cart prior to your click from Ziggedy.
  7. You complete multiple transactions without returning to Ziggedy and clicking through again.
  8. You click on any "special offers" or toolbars from other websites while shopping.
  9. You contact the merchant to change an order.
  10. You do not reside in the United States or Canada.
  11. A third party add-on may intercept the tracking and cause you to lose credit. Try disabling third party add-ons before purchasing again.
  12. You allow too much time to lapse between linking to the merchant and completing the purchase.
  13. Certain merchants have products which are not eligible for donations.
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