I have donations from an unidentified /undisclosed/unregistered supporter. Who are they?

Unidentified supporters are Amazon purchases, which we cannot identify to a supporter.  Amazon does not allow us to do automatic tracking (they are the only merchant that does not allow this).  For Amazon purchases, users are sent an automated email in which we ask them to forward to us their order confirmation from Amazon so that we can match the purchase to the user.  However, as you noticed in your account, even though we can’t automatically track it to the individual supporter, we were still able to give credit to the teacher that the supporter was sponsoring. You may see a couple other types of labels in your Piggedy Bank, including “Undisclosed” - this user chose to keep his/her name and/or email private.  We also have “Unregistered” - these are users who may have clicked on your classroom list or had other interactions with your account but who have not created an account on Ziggedy.

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