What must I do to earn donations from my purchases?

When you click through Ziggedy to a merchant website you will be eligible for donations from your purchases during that session. You can click through from our Stores and Services section, specific Deals and products, or from the Ziggedy Reminder. You only have to click through once to receive credit for all purchases made on that session.

Here are some steps to consider before purchasing to make sure your sponsored class will receive credit from your purchases:

  1. Log in to ziggedy.com
  2. Add items to your cart in the purchase session. Remove any items that were previously added.
  3. Complete your transaction in that session.
  4. You must have cookies enabled on your web browser
  5. Purchase from your Laptop or Desktop (some mobile links are not supported at this time).

Common issues that could result in no donations from purchases:

  1. You use a coupon code you found from another website or source (please note that you can often find the same deals on Ziggedy)
  2. You ordered online but picked up the item(s) in-Store. (Some merchants will allow credit for in-Store pickup but the merchants are not always clear with Ziggedy when this is available)
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